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  • 2009-08-06
  • 2009-07-21
2009-08-06 Thinking Outside the Box

thinking outside the box...


The Dilemma:

  • Rug designer David Pitzer created a room layout for his design firm Jeffrey Jurasky & Assoc. for a client in Palm Desert
  • Mr. Pitzer envisioned a form fit area rug to perfectly accentuate the furniture placement in this room
  • The rug was to not have any ordinary or recognizable shapes

The Solution:

  • Use different sizes of rectangular shaped rugs, puzzle piece all of the rugs together creating an irregular shaped area rug
  • To delineate the shapes Mr. Pitzer utilized the Corduroy technique of low loop wool pile and raised silk cut pile
  • The lower loop wool color is different than the higher cut pile silk to achieve even more contrast and accentuate the Corduroy look
  • Each shape is a different color of silk
  • The rows of corduroy were then woven into 7 different area rugs and will be hand sewn on 90 degree angles from each other and latex the final piece for stability

Concept, Rug Pattern, Floor Plan created by David Pitzer. 

Hereford Imports and David Pitzer are currently involved in a joint effort of creating a new Tibetan collection, named David Pitzer Studio, which we will be introducing in the months to come.  Stay tuned.

2009-07-21 New at Hereford Imports

Display Racks | ...

Slow times present a perfect opportunity to revamp and clean up your showroom.  We just added new racks to beautifully showcase our Tibetan samples.  We now have over 146 individual samples showing for easy access and viewing.

We used a custom cabinet maker to make these, and we included drawers on one of the racks to hold all 450 color poms.  This has been a real relief for me b/c of the simplicity of grabbing colors and checking them against renderings and strike offs and rugs when they arrive, as well as working with customers on new designs.  The color poms are on a tray that comes out of the drawer to place on our workstation.

There are mills out there that will sell these, in pre-determined sizes.  We suggest having a cabinet maker in your city make these for you custom, to fit you particular showroom dimensions, and you can custom them how you feel.  Ours are 10 feet tall, which can hold 12 samples per row.

This is a great way to showcase a beautiful product that we all know turns a profit.



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